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2011-11-09 Stefano Zacchirolinew blog post: le dimissioni a tempo
2011-09-08 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post: report from GNU Hackers Meeting 2011
2011-07-09 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post: debconf 11 hardware
2011-06-28 Stefano Zacchirolinew blog post: new job
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2011-04-01 Stefano Zacchirolicanterbury blog post
2011-03-06 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post: on the number of debian derivatives
2011-02-08 Stefano Zacchiroliblog: archives for February
2011-01-18 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post: cross distro app installer meeting