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2012-03-15 http://yetanotherp... Added a comment: Symlinked maildirs handling?
2012-03-15 http://yetanotherp... Added a comment: Symlinked maildirs handling?
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2011-11-03 a comment: After searching, is there a way to...
2011-06-10 zackAdded a comment: Re: fails to run on BSD -- gnu xargs/ln
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2011-05-30 DavidAdded a comment: Add tagging via mutt interface
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2011-04-10 Stefano Zacchirolinotice that mutt-notmuch is now available via Git
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2011-02-27 zackAdded a comment: re: Upstream-Ubuntu link
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2011-02-09 a comment: Thank you!
2011-02-08 a comment: read-only?
2011-02-08 a comment: read-only?
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2011-02-07 a comment: Making mutt-notmuch available to users
2011-02-07 a comment: F9 in mutt-(not-patched)
2011-02-07 a comment: governance
2011-02-06 a comment: Upstream-Ubuntu link
2011-02-06 Stefano Zacchirolifix link to "notmuch" debian package
2011-02-05 a comment: Debian is great
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2011-02-05 zackComment moderation
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2011-02-03 a comment: All mail in on box
2011-02-03 Stefano Zacchirolimutt-notmuch blog post
2011-02-03 a comment: regarding distro indexes
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2011-02-03 a comment
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2011-01-31 Stefano Zacchirolitypo
2011-01-31 Stefano Zacchiroliminor rephrasing
2011-01-31 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post: report from LCA 2011
2011-01-18 Stefano Zacchirolitypo in vuntz name
2011-01-18 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post: cross distro app installer meeting