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2008-10-03 Stefano Zacchiroliworst quoting practices post
2008-09-26 Stefano Zacchirolipost on the "esamificio" theory
2008-09-18 Stefano Zacchirolitypo
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2008-09-18 Stefano Zacchirolipunti di vista post
2008-09-15 Stefano Zacchirolipost about my new picture
2008-09-09 Stefano Zacchirolipost about end of vacations
2008-08-16 Stefano Zacchirolimention psync
2008-08-15 Stefano Zacchirolimention P-A-S issue
2008-08-15 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post about edos-builddebcheck
2008-08-11 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post about PTS, descriptions, UDD
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2008-08-09 Stefano Zacchirolicheckin script
2008-08-09 Stefano Zacchiroliadd debbugs bug references
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2008-08-09 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post about more PTS hacking
2008-08-09 Stefano Zacchiroliadd forgot pts tag
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2008-08-08 Stefano Zacchiroliweb commit by zack: publish
2008-08-08 Stefano Zacchiroliweb commit by zack
2008-08-08 Stefano Zacchirolipost about pts/lintian integration
2008-08-07 Stefano Zacchirolimarkup improvements
2008-08-07 Stefano Zacchirolifirst debconf blog post
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2008-07-22 Stefano Zacchirolitypo
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2008-07-22 Stefano Zacchirolireminder post about new Homepage fields
2008-07-20 Stefano Zacchirolifun post about debconf8 cheese party
2008-07-18 Stefano Zacchirolipost about ocaml group on LinkedIn
2008-07-17 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post about DebConf8 Mancoosi paper
2008-07-16 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post about w3-recs package update
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2008-07-16 Stefano Zacchiroliweb commit by zack
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2008-07-02 Stefano Zacchiroliweb commit by what's "the git...
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2008-07-01 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post about python-debian dependency parsing support
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2008-06-30 Stefano Zacchirolifun post about quoting Sergio Leone
2008-06-26 Stefano Zacchiroliminor fixes
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2008-06-26 Stefano Zacchirolijoining the firefox 3 (un)rant
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2008-06-10 Stefano Zacchiroliweb commit by zack
2008-06-09 Stefano Zacchirolitypo
2008-06-09 Stefano Zacchirolibetter link anchors
2008-06-09 Stefano Zacchirolipost about debian weather resurrection
2008-06-01 Stefano Zacchirolifix uny email address
2008-06-01 Stefano Zacchirolipost about 3.10.2 in lenny
2008-06-01 Stefano Zacchiroliroutine new signature post
2008-05-27 Stefano Zacchirolifix directories for attachments
2008-05-27 Stefano Zacchiroliavoid .py extension to fix link b0rkage
2008-05-27 Stefano Zacchiroliprose
2008-05-27 Stefano Zacchiroliadd python script to compute frequencies
2008-05-27 Stefano Zacchiroliimage placement
2008-05-27 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post about maintainer script sizes
2008-05-27 Stefano Zacchiroliformatting
2008-05-27 Stefano Zacchirolidraft post about misc ocaml news
2008-05-08 Stefano Zacchiroliblot about vcs usage stats
2008-05-04 Stefano Zacchiroliadd missing tag
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2008-05-04 Stefano Zacchirolipost about core in Debian
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2008-04-28 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post about PTS transitions
2008-04-24 Stefano Zacchiroliweb commit by zack
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2008-04-24 Stefano Zacchirolipost about TBL kudos to Debian
2008-04-19 Stefano Zacchiroliother minor fixes
2008-04-19 Stefano Zacchiroliminor prose improvements
2008-04-19 Stefano Zacchirolisome text improvements after comments from Gares, Godog...
2008-04-19 Stefano ZacchiroliMerge branch 'master' of
2008-04-19 Stefano Zacchiroli(draft) post on source only uploads GR
2008-04-18 Stefano Zacchiroliannouncing caml forge
2008-04-15 Stefano ZacchiroliMerge branch 'master' of
2008-04-15 Stefano Zacchirolipost about UNNAMED becoming president again
2008-04-08 Stefano Zacchirolitagging also with "ocaml" to the benefits of ocamlcore...
2008-04-08 Stefano Zacchiroliland of lisp post
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2008-04-03 Stefano Zacchiroliadd mention of poor connectivity
2008-04-03 Stefano Zacchirolipost about moving to paris
2008-03-28 Stefano Zacchiroliwider margins thanks to Tincho
2008-03-28 Stefano Zacchiroliadd trailing "update" line
2008-03-28 Stefano Zacchirolilink pointing to
2008-03-28 Stefano Zacchirolidebconf8 sticker blog post
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2008-03-27 Stefano Zacchiroligalax 1.1 post
2008-03-24 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post on perl 6 sigils
2008-03-24 Stefano ZacchiroliMerge branch 'logica'
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2008-03-21 Stefano Zacchiroliweb commit by zack
2008-03-21 Stefano Zacchiroliocaml 3.10.1 good news
2008-03-20 Stefano Zacchiroliwording
2008-03-20 Stefano Zacchirolipost on "no-folds please" for the ocaml planet
2008-03-19 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post on git-buildpackage and debian-only layouts
2008-03-16 Stefano ZacchiroliMerge branch 'master' of
2008-03-16 Stefano Zacchiroliayh post