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2013-03-14 Stefano Zacchirolihighlight: extended deadline for open sym 2013
2013-02-20 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: drop "UFR" mention from (PPS) address
2013-02-13 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: better typesetting of SG address
2013-02-13 zackhomepage: line wrap office number
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2013-02-13 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: updated contact info for Sophie Germain
2013-02-11 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage highlights -= RELENG 2013 (deadline passed)
2013-02-07 Stefano ZacchiroliPPS url: use the domain
2013-02-07 Stefano Zacchirolihighlight: fix RELENG submission deadline
2013-01-30 Stefano ZacchiroliOPENSYM highlight: fix paper submission deadline
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2012-12-06 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: add RELENG 2013 highlight
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2012-09-18 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: SAC WT 2013 deadline extension
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2012-05-19 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: add highlight for IPv6 world launch
2012-05-02 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: remove ConfSL highlight, now that the deadlin...
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2012-04-15 Stefano ZacchiroliMerge branch 'master' into identica-badge
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2012-01-12 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: new university email address
2011-12-16 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: fix my IRILL phone number
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2011-08-29 Stefano Zacchirolisacwt12: 1 week deadline extension
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2011-08-16 Stefano Zacchiroliremove highlight about misc deadline
2011-07-03 Stefano Zacchirolihref on MCF title
2011-07-01 Stefano Zacchirolichange affiliation to mention my new MCF position
2011-06-13 Stefano Zacchirolihighlights: add MISC 2011
2011-05-09 Stefano Zacchirolisac wt 2012 banner: improve markup
2011-05-09 Stefano Zacchiroliadd SAC WT 2012 banner
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2011-01-21 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: update wrt teaching
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2010-01-04 Stefano Zacchiroliadd warning about multiple mailing
2009-06-17 Stefano Zacchirolicomment out (obsolete) news about IWOCE 2009
2009-06-02 Stefano Zacchirolibump IWOCE 2009 deadline
2009-04-20 Stefano Zacchiroliplural ecosystem*s*
2009-04-20 Stefano Zacchiroliadd highlights, with an entry about IWOCE
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2007-12-24 Stefano Zacchiroliget rid of the (incomplete) blog page, for the moment...
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2007-12-22 Stefano Zacchiroliweb commit by zack
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