2012-10-04 Stefano ZacchiroliMerge branch 'next'
2012-10-04 Stefano Zacchirolifix language
2012-10-04 zackAdded a comment: re: Forwarding patches
2012-10-04 Stefano Zacchirolimarkup fix
2012-10-04 Stefano Zacchiroliubuntu marathon: highlight daniel challenge
2012-10-04 https://launchpad... Added a comment: Forwarding patches
2012-10-03 zackAdded a comment: status update
2012-10-03 zackAdded a comment: re: Count me in!
2012-10-03 https://launchpad... Added a comment: Count me in!
2012-10-03 Stefano Zacchirolilast blog post: typo, add missing )
2012-10-03 Stefano Zacchiroliubuntu marathon blog post: finalize and publish
2012-10-03 Stefano Zacchirolidraft blog post: Debian in the Ubuntu charity marathon
2012-10-03 Stefano Zacchirolicreating tag page tags/charity
2012-10-03 Stefano Zacchiroliblog: archive pages for October 2012
2012-10-02 Stefano Zacchiroliprogsyst: publish cours 3
2012-10-02 Stefano Zacchiroliprogsyst: publish TP2
2012-10-02 Stefano Zacchirolilast piece
2012-10-01 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: remove SAC WT 2013 highlight
2012-10-01 Stefano Zacchiroliprogsyst: publish TP1
2012-09-29 Stefano Zacchirolilast book
2012-09-28 Stefano Zacchiroliprogsyst: fix TP room information
2012-09-28 Stefano Zacchirolipapers: add DOI for SEFM 2012 paper
2012-09-28 Stefano Zacchirolipapers: add DOI for INFSOF paper
2012-09-28 Stefano Zacchirolipapers: publish preprint of INFSOF paper
2012-09-27 Stefano Zacchiroliprogsyst: publish cours 2
2012-09-22 Stefano Zacchirolipapers: fix wrong link for SPLC 2010 paper
2012-09-22 Stefano Zacchiroliprogsyst: publish cours 01
2012-09-20 http://mirsolutions.de/Added a comment: re: apt-cache search python-progress
2012-09-20 Stefano Zacchiroliteaching: archive pages related to last year classes
2012-09-20 zackAdded a comment: re: apt-cache search python-progress
2012-09-20 Stefano Zacchirolibits from the DPL: add link to interactions with ctte...
2012-09-20 http://mirsolutions.de/Added a comment: apt-cache search python-progress
2012-09-19 Stefano Zacchirolilast blog post: typo
2012-09-19 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post: bits from the DPL for August 2012
2012-09-19 Stefano Zacchiroliblog: archives for 2012/09
2012-09-18 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: SAC WT 2013 deadline extension
2012-09-17 Stefano Zacchiroligpg key: new signatures
2012-09-17 Stefano Zacchiroliteaching: publish date for PF5
2012-09-13 Stefano Zacchiroliteaching: re-order classes
2012-09-13 Stefano Zacchirolipage progsyst 2012/2013
2012-09-12 Stefano Zacchiroliblog: update caterpillar unofficial podcast post for...
2012-09-04 Stefano Zacchiroliteaching: bootstrap course index for academic year...
2012-09-04 Stefano Zacchiroliteaching: (stub) page for PF5
2012-08-30 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: add SAC WT 2013 highlight
2012-08-23 Stefano Zacchiroliremove horribly outdated cv
2012-08-20 Stefano Zacchirolilast book
2012-08-18 Stefano Zacchirolilast book
2012-08-11 https://www... Added a comment: mutt-notmuch
2012-08-11 Stefano Zacchirolipublications: add missing hyperlink from page numbers...
2012-08-11 Stefano Zacchirolipublications: rebuild BiBTeX files to include pages...
2012-08-11 Stefano Zacchiroligpg key: new signatures
2012-08-11 Stefano Zacchirolipublications: add volume/issues details for JSS 2012...
2012-08-05 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post: bits from the DPL for July 2012
2012-08-02 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2012-07-30 Stefano Zacchiroliresearch: publishing details for SEFM 2012 paper
2012-07-30 Stefano Zacchiroliresearch: add series/volume information to BiBTeX entries
2012-07-30 Stefano Zacchiroligpg key: new signatures
2012-07-28 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2012-07-27 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2012-07-25 Stefano Zacchirolipapers: mark InfSof paper as draft, properly
2012-07-25 Stefano Zacchiroligpg key: new signatures
2012-07-24 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2012-07-23 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2012-07-22 Stefano Zacchirolilast book
2012-07-16 Stefano Zacchiroliresearch: add pointer to SAC WT 2013
2012-07-15 zackComment moderation
2012-07-06 Stefano Zacchirolinew blog post: debconf bof howto updated
2012-07-04 zackAdded a comment: re: Sporran
2012-07-04 zackComment moderation
2012-07-04 Stefano Zacchirolinew blog post: bits from the DPL for June 2012
2012-07-02 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2012-07-02 Stefano Zacchirolinew post: DebConf 12 arrival
2012-07-02 Stefano Zacchirolicreating tag page tags/debconf12
2012-06-30 Stefano Zacchiroligpg key: new signatures
2012-06-28 Stefano Zacchiroliprogsyst: document rattrapage seance
2012-06-27 Stefano Zacchirolilast book
2012-06-25 Stefano Zacchirolipapers: add SEFM 2012 preprint version
2012-06-20 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2012-06-17 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2012-06-17 Stefano ZacchiroliFSFE: s/supporter/fellow/
2012-06-17 Stefano Zacchirolihacking page s/FSF/FSFE/
2012-06-17 Stefano Zacchiroligpg key: new signatures
2012-06-16 Stefano Zacchiroligpg key: new signatures
2012-06-14 Stefano Zacchirolipapers: add two "to appear" entries
2012-06-11 Stefano Zacchirolipublications: note award for CBSE 2012 paper
2012-06-09 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2012-06-09 Stefano Zacchirolinew blog post: bits from the DPL for May 2012
2012-06-06 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: get rid of ipv6 world launch banner
2012-06-02 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2012-05-22 Stefano ZacchiroliED6: publish date of II session exam
2012-05-19 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2012-05-19 Stefano Zacchirolihomepage: add highlight for IPv6 world launch
2012-05-17 Stefano Zacchirolied6: publish missing slides
2012-05-07 Stefano Zacchirolilast book
2012-05-07 Stefano Zacchiroliabout: update Git websitee URL
2012-05-06 Stefano Zacchirolinew blog post: bits from the DPL for April 2012
2012-05-03 Stefano Zacchiroliupdate soutien timing for GLA and ProgSyst
2012-05-03 Stefano ZacchiroliED6, GLA, ProgSyst: publish exams/soutien dates
2012-05-03 Stefano ZacchiroliED6: separate slides: cours vs TP
2012-05-03 Stefano ZacchiroliED6: update slides for cours 6