2009-04-15 Stefano ZacchiroliMerge branch 'master' of fettunta.org:/home/zack/git...
2009-04-15 Stefano Zacchirolifun post about silvio featured on le canard
2009-04-15 a comment: But you can configure window placement...
2009-04-15 a comment: Thanks ...
2009-04-15 Stefano Zacchirolibetter typesetting of verbatim code snippets
2009-04-15 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post about xmonad
2009-04-10 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2009-04-10 Stefano Zacchirolilast book
2009-04-07 Stefano Zacchiroliadd hCard button/logo
2009-04-07 Stefano Zacchirolifix validation error
2009-04-07 Stefano ZacchiroliMerge branch 'master' of fettunta.org:/home/zack/git...
2009-04-07 Stefano Zacchiroliimplement hCard microformat
2009-04-06 zacktag update
2009-04-06 Stefano Zacchiroliyay for ocaml 3.11 in testing
2009-04-05 Stefano Zacchiroliadd (trackback) pointer to LWN article
2009-04-04 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2009-04-04 zackAdded a comment: dependency bug: now solved
2009-04-04 Stefano Zacchirolifix comment formatting
2009-04-04 a comment: Sorry the format is all messed up!
2009-04-04 a comment: Is there something missing?
2009-04-03 Stefano Zacchirolibatteries in unstable post
2009-04-02 Stefano Zacchirolicheck-in SQL exercise
2009-04-02 Stefano Zacchirolicheck in slide for tomorrow lecture
2009-04-01 Stefano Zacchiroliadd ocaml-autoconf
2009-04-01 Stefano Zacchiroliminor edits
2009-04-01 Stefano Zacchirolipost about ocaml-autoconf 1.0
2009-03-31 a comment: Tracking ikiwiki templates
2009-03-29 Stefano Zacchirolimove misplaced tag
2009-03-28 Stefano Zacchirolicampaign-concluding post
2009-03-28 Stefano Zacchiroliadd summary of campaigning discussions
2009-03-28 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2009-03-27 Stefano Zacchirolirefresh GPG public key
2009-03-27 Stefano Zacchiroliignore recentchanges/ dir (generated by ikiwiki)
2009-03-27 Stefano ZacchiroliMerge branch 'master' of fettunta.org:/home/zack/git...
2009-03-27 Stefano Zacchirolipost about delbono al poggeschi
2009-03-27 zack(no commit message)
2009-03-27 Stefano Zacchiroliindex rebuttals from the DPL page
2009-03-27 Stefano Zacchiroliplatform v1.1 with rebuttals
2009-03-26 zack(no commit message)
2009-03-26 zackbetter prose about editing info
2009-03-26 zackhighlight available "code"
2009-03-26 Stefano Zacchirolibetter prose
2009-03-26 Stefano Zacchiroliupdate info about how to leave comments
2009-03-26 a comment: anon comment
2009-03-26 http://gedmin.as/Added a comment: How can I resist?
2009-03-26 http://www... Added a comment: test
2009-03-26 zackbump copyright year
2009-03-26 Stefano Zacchiroliminor edit
2009-03-26 Stefano Zacchirolifinalizing
2009-03-26 zackAdded a comment
2009-03-26 Stefano Zacchirolipost about ikiwiki comments
2009-03-26 Stefano ZacchiroliMerge branch 'master' of fettunta.org:/home/zack/git...
2009-03-26 Stefano ZacchiroliCSS style for comments
2009-03-26 zackAdded a comment
2009-03-26 zackAdded a comment: commento via zack (admin)
2009-03-26 http://stefano... Added a comment: commento via openid (no admin)
2009-03-26 guestAdded a comment: commento via guest (no openid)
2009-03-26 Stefano Zacchirolidefeating (hidden) naming conventions
2009-03-26 zack(no commit message)
2009-03-26 Stefano ZacchiroliMerge branch 'master' of fettunta.org:/home/zack/git...
2009-03-26 Stefano Zacchirolidummy post to test comments
2009-03-26 Stefano Zacchirolirefresh actions border predicate to match new templates
2009-03-26 zack(no commit message)
2009-03-25 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2009-03-21 Stefano Zacchiroliremove an old, spurious slide
2009-03-20 Stefano Zacchirolicheck in sysadm DBMS slides
2009-03-20 Stefano Zacchirolicheck-in embedded DBMS slides
2009-03-20 Stefano Zacchirolicheck in lab intro slides
2009-03-19 Stefano Zacchiroliadd lecturers info
2009-03-19 Stefano Zacchiroliadd calendar of future lectures
2009-03-19 Stefano Zacchirolicheck-in slide for the first lecture
2009-03-18 Stefano Zacchirolicheck in presentation slides
2009-03-18 Stefano Zacchiroliadd my mail address for contacts
2009-03-18 Stefano Zacchirolipost: maintainer sought for ocaml-http
2009-03-12 Stefano Zacchirolifun post about topgit
2009-03-11 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2009-03-09 Stefano Zacchirolifix false friend in the platform
2009-03-09 Stefano Zacchirolicorrection + update
2009-03-09 Stefano Zacchirolifix broken unprefixed directives
2009-03-08 Stefano Zacchirolilimit the number of entries to show by tag
2009-03-08 Stefano Zacchirolifix tags and other accumulated issues
2009-03-08 Stefano Zacchirolifix post date
2009-03-08 Stefano Zacchirolilast platform version
2009-03-08 Stefano Zacchiroliminor edits
2009-03-08 Stefano Zacchirolicheck-in platform v1.0
2009-03-08 Stefano Zacchiroliblog post announcing zack-for-DPL
2009-03-08 Stefano Zacchiroliplatform v0.4
2009-03-08 Stefano Zacchiroliplatform v0.4
2009-03-08 Stefano Zacchirolibetter linking between debian and dpl page
2009-03-08 Stefano Zacchirolicheckin platform in ikiwiki
2009-03-08 Stefano Zacchirolistub page about DPL 2009
2009-03-07 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2009-03-04 Stefano Zacchirolistub page for DPL elections 2009
2009-03-03 Stefano Zacchiroliadd picture kudo by the mean of a caption
2009-03-02 Stefano Zacchirolinew picture by Alf
2009-03-01 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2009-02-28 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2009-02-28 Stefano Zacchirolilast movie
2009-02-26 Stefano Zacchirolicamera ready version of enase 2009 paper
2009-02-25 Stefano Zacchirolifix typo