2013-01-15 Stefano Zacchirolicollection browsing: rename view/template user_collecti... feature/browse-collections
2013-01-15 Stefano Zacchirolicollection browsing: remove pagination support
2013-01-15 Stefano Zacchirolicollection browsing: drop atom feed from page template
2013-01-15 Stefano Zacchirolicollections: add support to browse existing collections
2013-01-15 Tiberiu C.... #571: Fixed. Display collection description with Markdo...
2013-01-15 Sebastian SpaethUnbreak 301 responses
2013-01-15 Sebastian SpaethSimplify check_media_slug_used
2013-01-15 Sebastian SpaethMore explicit get_or_create pattern
2013-01-14 Sebastian SpaethImprove error message wording (#564)
2013-01-13 ElrondUse the new logo.html thingy in airy.
2013-01-13 ElrondMove logo part into bits/logo.html
2013-01-13 ElrondKill db_host, db_name, and db_port from config_spec...
2013-01-11 ElrondMake be useable from anywhere.
2013-01-11 Elrondissue 355: Only run tests in mediagoblin/tests/
2013-01-09 Sebastian SpaethImprove and extend profile editing tests
2013-01-09 Sebastian SpaethEnable /u/USERNAME/edit/ pattern #588
2013-01-08 ElrondFix tests on webtest < 1.3.6.
2013-01-08 ElrondMove db.sql.migration_tools to db.migration_tools.
2013-01-08 ElrondAdd inspect_table.
2013-01-08 ElrondMove all the migration tools into new
2013-01-08 Christopher... Fixing import to mediagoblin.db.base in stl models
2013-01-08 Sebastian SpaethMerge branch 'WIP/test_performance'
2013-01-08 Sebastian Spaethtests: More instances where a fresh database is not...
2013-01-08 Sebastian SpaethDon't read full image media into RAM on copying (#419)
2013-01-08 Sebastian SpaethDon't get a fresh app when not needed
2013-01-08 Sebastian SpaethDo not fail is a user exists already
2013-01-08 Sebastian SpaethFix slug lookup regression (#587)
2013-01-07 Joar WandborgMade the airy header element responsive again
2013-01-07 Sebastian SpaethRemove custom GMQuery class
2013-01-07 Sebastian SpaethMv db.sql.base to db.base
2013-01-07 Sebastian SpaethMove mediagoblin.db.sql.extratypes to mediagoblin.db...
2013-01-07 Sebastian SpaethMove db.sql.models* to db.models*
2013-01-07 Sebastian SpaethMove db.sql.util to db.util
2013-01-07 Sebastian SpaethRemove mediagoblin.db.sql.fake.DESCENDING
2013-01-07 Christopher... Also make slug unit test work with the new optionally...
2013-01-07 Christopher... Make translitcodec optional, and work nicely without it.
2013-01-02 Joar WandborgMade api_test use @require_active_login
2012-12-26 Elrondprepare_queue_task: Take app not request.
2012-12-26 Elrondupload refactor: Use prepare_entry in api.
2012-12-26 ElrondUse run_process_media in the api.
2012-12-26 ElrondProcessing: Factor out prepare_entry.
2012-12-26 ElrondFactor out the actual calling of the processing.
2012-12-26 Elrondupload refactor: push url handling
2012-12-26 Odin Hørthe... Bug #584, upgrade from master to read Nikon...
2012-12-26 Sebastian SpaethFix up symlinks in exif bump
2012-12-25 Sebastian SpaethRemove ObjectId from the tree
2012-12-25 Sebastian SpaethRemove temporary emacs files that have slipped in
2012-12-25 Sebastian SpaethRemove InvalidId
2012-12-25 Sebastian SpaethMove db.sql.migrations to db.migrations
2012-12-25 Sebastian SpaethMove to
2012-12-25 Sebastian SpaethRIP out mongo
2012-12-25 Sebastian SpaethUpdate extlib/EXIF
2012-12-25 Sebastian SpaethMerge branch '512_bump_video_js'
2012-12-25 Sebastian SpaethBump bundled video.js to v3.2.3 (#512)
2012-12-25 Christopher... makeadmin and changepasswd had swapped help text
2012-12-24 Elrond(SQL) Media types: Refactor backrefnames.
2012-12-23 ElrondRemove mongo style .id = ObjectId()
2012-12-23 ElrondMongo removal: Remove the validate=True arg to obj...
2012-12-23 ElrondFix some unicode related issues in oauth and the api.
2012-12-23 ElrondTestsuite: Turn SQLAlchemy warnings into errors
2012-12-23 Joar WandborgAdded API tests
2012-12-23 ElrondRewrite routing using new MGRoute class
2012-12-23 ElrondRewrite / get_url_map
2012-12-23 ElrondMove things from to tools/
2012-12-23 ElrondRefactor routing in
2012-12-23 Sebastian SpaethCompare user by id not object equality
2012-12-23 Sebastian SpaethImprove sqlalchemy filter rules
2012-12-23 Sebastian SpaethConvert return HttpException to raise HttpException
2012-12-23 Sebastian SpaethProvide tools.response.render_http_exception and use...
2012-12-22 Sebastian SpaethRevert accidental checkin
2012-12-21 Christopher... We're in territory now.
2012-12-21 Sebastian SpaethRemove mongolisms from auth.views
2012-12-21 Sebastian SpaethRemove Mongoism query.skip()
2012-12-21 Sebastian SpaethRemove mongolisms from user_pages.view #451
2012-12-21 Sebastian SpaethRefactor media_collect
2012-12-21 Sebastian SpaethMerge branch '577_denoise_video_transcoding'
2012-12-21 Sebastian SpaethDon't dbug log every added plugin route
2012-12-21 Sebastian SpaethDon't require webob as dependency
2012-12-21 Sebastian SpaethRemove webob compatability
2012-12-21 Sebastian Spaethplugins/api: webob.Response -> werkzeug.Response
2012-12-21 Sebastian Spaethplugins/api: use headers.set(), not headers.update()
2012-12-21 Sebastian Spaethreplace webob.Response with werkzeug Response
2012-12-21 Sebastian SpaethTransition webob BadRequest|HTTPFound to webob/redirect
2012-12-21 Sebastian Spaethtests/auth: Don't rely on case sensitive error strings
2012-12-21 Sebastian Spaethwebob.HTTPFound -->
2012-12-21 Sebastian SpaethTransition webob.HttpForbidden to webob's exceptions...
2012-12-21 Sebastian SpaethRemove webobisms from
2012-12-21 Sebastian Spaethpurge webob from docs and replace with werkzeug
2012-12-21 Sebastian SpaethRemove webob from render_to_response
2012-12-21 Sebastian SpaethExtend redirect helper to take optional location keyword
2012-12-20 Sebastian SpaethRemove SimpleFieldAlias
2012-12-20 Sebastian SpaethMove DBModel._id ->
2012-12-20 Sebastian SpaethFix up tests
2012-12-20 Christopher... Fixing tyop'ed "dbupdate"
2012-12-20 Christopher... NOW RELEASING: MediaGoblin 0.3.2! :D v0.3.2
2012-12-20 Christopher... Committing extracted and compiled translations
2012-12-20 Christopher... Committing present MediaGoblin translations before...
2012-12-20 Christopher... 0.3.2 release notes
2012-12-20 Christopher... Updating AUTHORS with new contributors. Nice job new...
2012-12-20 Christopher... Committing extracted and compiled translations