more generic patterns for translated files
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2011-10-15 Cédric Boutilliermore generic patterns for translated files
2011-10-13 Cédric Boutillierbuild-depend on po4a
2011-10-13 Cédric Boutilliermodify doc files to include French translation
2011-10-13 Cédric Boutillierinclude translation into the building process
2011-09-12 Cédric Boutilliermerge master
2011-09-03 Lucas Nussbaumprepare changelog for next upload
2011-08-26 Lucas Nussbaumupdate changelog, prepare 0.3
2011-08-26 Lucas NussbaumMerge practical sessions answers into the main document
2011-07-12 Lucas Nussbaumupdate changelog 0.2
2011-07-12 Lucas NussbaumImprovements after tutorial at RMLL 2011
2011-05-25 Lucas Nussbaumadd local copy of CC BY-SA in debian/copyright
2011-05-25 Lucas Nussbaumupdate packaging
2011-05-06 Lucas NussbaumMerge remote-tracking branch 'zack/master'
2011-05-04 Lucas Nussbaumfix doc-base installation
2011-05-04 Lucas Nussbaumadd build-deps
2011-05-04 Lucas Nussbaumadd debian packaging