translate new version of dash string
[packaging-tutorial.git] / po4a / po / fr.po
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumtranslate new version of dash string
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumdépots LVM -> copies LVM
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumadd guillemets around amateur explanation
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumupdate fr.po
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumfix formatting of string in .po (no other changes)
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumupdate timestamps
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumfix misunderstanding in french translation
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumtypos
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumno trailing dot
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumimprove title in french. Credit translators on title...
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumtypo
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumjeux -> types
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumtypo: generate -> generates (and corresponding translat...
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumremove old fuzzy strings from fr.po
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumupdate stats: dh is now over debhelper
2011-10-19 Cédric Boutillierupdate .pot and fr.po
2011-10-17 Cédric BoutillierAdd comments for non trivial package insertion
2011-10-11 Cédric Boutillieradd packaging-tutorial.pot and fr.po