more generic patterns for translated files
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2011-10-15 Cédric Boutillieraddendum for translation credits
2011-10-11 Cédric Boutillieradd packaging-tutorial.pot and fr.po
2011-10-04 Cédric Boutillieradd forgotten definitions for .sty and translate axis...
2011-09-28 Cédric BoutillierMerge branch 'master' into translation
2011-09-28 Cédric Boutillieradd po4a config for debiantutorial.sty
2011-09-22 Cédric Boutillierremove pract*.tex from po4a.cfg
2011-09-12 Cédric Boutilliermerge master
2011-06-02 David PrévotRemove a few more strings from translation
2011-05-31 David PrévotTranslation: initial config files