2012-04-09 Lucas NussbaumExplain how to install build-deps using mk-build-deps
2012-04-09 Lucas NussbaumMention dch -i
2012-04-09 Lucas NussbaumExplain -us -uc when building packages
2012-01-15 Lucas Nussbaumprepare upload: update changelog and date 0.5
2012-01-09 Cédric Boutillier(fr) proofread [Thomas Vincent]
2012-01-09 Cédric Boutillierupdate POT file
2012-01-09 Cédric Boutillieradd subsection for answer to practical session 4
2012-01-06 Cédric Boutillierupdate French translation
2011-12-20 Lucas Nussbaumminor broken change to make it build again
2011-12-20 Lucas Nussbauminitial import of spanish translation
2011-12-19 Lucas Nussbaumadd slide on backports
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumanswers to pract session on ruby
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumstart work on gem2deb pract session
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumput number of pract session in title
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumfix translation: it's a tar archive, not a package
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumupdate .pot file
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumtranslate grep hack
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumtranslate new version of dash string
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumdépots LVM -> copies LVM
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumadd guillemets around amateur explanation
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumupdate fr.po
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumdo not mention patch-tracker twice
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumdeb-src needed + run as root
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumfix formatting of string in .po (no other changes)
2011-11-30 Lucas Nussbaumuse newer version of grep with recent debian/ubuntu...
2011-11-29 Lucas Nussbaumdrop tmpfile logic
2011-11-29 Lucas NussbaumAdd a debian/rules target to regenerate the version...
2011-11-28 Lucas Nussbaumupdate changelog
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumupdate timestamps
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumfix misunderstanding in french translation
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumtypos
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumno trailing dot
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumimprove title in french. Credit translators on title...
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumtypo
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumjeux -> types
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumtypo: generate -> generates (and corresponding translat...
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumremove old fuzzy strings from fr.po
2011-11-26 Lucas NussbaumCompress some slides a bit more so that they fit in...
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumdrop space after the year, looks bad in the english...
2011-11-26 Lucas Nussbaumupdate stats: dh is now over debhelper
2011-10-19 Cédric Boutillierprepare changelog for next upload
2011-10-19 Cédric Boutillierupdate .pot and fr.po
2011-10-19 Cédric Boutillierreplace at build time version and date from changelog...
2011-10-19 Cédric Boutillieruse templates for date and version number
2011-10-18 Lucas Nussbaumprepare upload to unstable 0.4
2011-10-17 Cédric BoutillierAdd comments for non trivial package insertion
2011-10-16 Cédric Boutillieradd entries about translation in the changelog
2011-10-16 Cédric Boutillierfinish converting copyright to DEP-5
2011-10-15 Cédric Boutilliermore generic patterns for translated files
2011-10-15 Cédric Boutillieraddendum for translation credits
2011-10-13 Cédric Boutillierbuild-depend on po4a
2011-10-13 Cédric Boutilliermodify doc files to include French translation
2011-10-13 Cédric Boutillierinclude translation into the building process
2011-10-11 Cédric Boutillieradd packaging-tutorial.pot and fr.po
2011-10-11 Cédric Boutillieruse T1 encoding and force '--' in texttt
2011-10-04 Cédric Boutillieradd forgotten definitions for .sty and translate axis...
2011-09-28 Cédric BoutillierMerge branch 'master' into translation
2011-09-28 Cédric Boutillierunify specification of frame titles
2011-09-28 Cédric Boutillieradd po4a config for debiantutorial.sty
2011-09-22 Cédric Boutillierremove pract*.tex from po4a.cfg
2011-09-12 Cédric Boutilliermerge master
2011-09-03 Lucas Nussbaumallow use of escaped accented characters inside listings
2011-09-03 Lucas Nussbaumprepare changelog for next upload
2011-08-26 Lucas Nussbaumremove \appendix 0.3
2011-08-26 Lucas Nussbaumupdate changelog, prepare 0.3
2011-08-26 Lucas NussbaumMerge practical sessions answers into the main document
2011-07-12 Lucas Nussbaumupdate changelog 0.2
2011-07-12 Lucas Nussbaumupdate date
2011-07-12 Lucas NussbaumImprovements after tutorial at RMLL 2011
2011-07-12 Lucas Nussbaumupdate stats
2011-07-12 Lucas Nussbaumdrop pract0 from makefile
2011-06-02 David PrévotRemove a few more strings from translation
2011-06-02 David PrévotRemove pdftitle definition
2011-06-02 David PrévotRemove a comment breaking the translated build
2011-06-02 David Prévotgitignore: ignore translated docs
2011-05-31 David PrévotTranslation: initial config files
2011-05-25 Lucas Nussbaummention that the source can be downloaded with apt... 0.1
2011-05-25 Lucas Nussbaumupdate git URLs
2011-05-25 Lucas Nussbaumadd local copy of CC BY-SA in debian/copyright
2011-05-25 Lucas Nussbaumupdate git url
2011-05-25 Lucas Nussbaumupdate packaging
2011-05-25 Lucas Nussbaumcosmetic changes
2011-05-25 Lucas NussbaumMove debian/copyright slide to after the first practica...
2011-05-25 Lucas NussbaumImprove introduction and bootstrap
2011-05-23 Lucas Nussbaumchange plot style to be black&white friendly
2011-05-23 Lucas Nussbaumdocument debian version
2011-05-23 Lucas Nussbaumadd makefile target to generate printable pdfs
2011-05-23 Lucas Nussbaumadd some whitespace
2011-05-23 Lucas Nussbaumupdate stats
2011-05-23 Philip Handschdir? wow! bit of a DOS flashback there ;-)
2011-05-18 Lucas Nussbaumadd a slide about DM / DD
2011-05-18 Lucas Nussbaumen_US
2011-05-18 Lucas Nussbaummove pract0 to the end, + small fixes to it
2011-05-18 Lucas Nussbaummention Phil Hands contributions in README
2011-05-18 Philip Handsminor english cleanup
2011-05-18 Philip Handsmention docs for schroot that describe LVM use
2011-05-12 Philip Hands+Amateur
2011-05-12 Philip Handsmention cowbuilder etc.
2011-05-12 Philip Handsitalicise 'package' for the likes of
2011-05-12 Philip Handsmention buildd